In the year since the last world cup, the FIFA World Cup has not featured a team from Africa, Asia, Latin America or the Caribbean.

The continent is, for now, a mere footnote in the collective history of the tournament, the one in which football was not a part of the global economy.

However, it is not impossible for football to make its way to the pinnacle of the sporting calendar, which could become the most important sporting event in the history of mankind.

The world’s best players could make the leap from the shadows, and play in one of the biggest sporting events in history.

Here are the five key questions that will determine whether football will become the next major event on the calendar, the most powerful sporting event of all.


How can it work?

The World Cup is a tournament that is played on two levels: the “open” and the “closed” competitions.

The “open”, the tournament that has been played since the 1920s, is a competition that only the top four teams from each country qualify for.

In the open competition, teams from the same country play against each other in a single elimination tournament.

This tournament has no relegation, and each team is allowed to play only one opponent from each team’s pool.

The team that loses that match will automatically qualify for the next round of competition.

The other team, if it wins that match, has a chance of qualifying for the last round of the qualifying tournament.

The first match of the open tournament will determine the top two teams from all the countries, and the second match will determine who will be placed in the final round.

The teams from these two groups will face each other one more time in the group stage.

At the end of the group stages, the top three teams from both groups will play in a final round for the right to qualify for next year’s World Cup.

The top three from the previous year’s group will then qualify, while the bottom three will go through the qualifying rounds.

The winner of the next two qualifying rounds will advance to the final, which will be played in a knockout format, where the teams that advance from each group will face off against each another in the last eight teams in the competition.

There will be no real elimination matches, since the teams from those four groups will have to play each other three times in the tournament.

If you were to ask someone who had not seen the World, they would probably think that there was some kind of crazy competition going on between the top teams in each country.

The rules of the competition are completely arbitrary and it is up to the team from the group that won in the previous season to decide if the team in question is the best team in the world.

As the tournament progresses, the teams get better and better.

At some point in the future, the best teams from one country will become too powerful, and will have a clear edge over the rest of the teams.

This will result in the two groups becoming too tight, and it will become impossible for any team from any country to qualify.

The next step is that the next team that wins the next qualifying match will advance directly to the next stage of the playoffs.

The final will be held on December 11, 2022.

In this stage, teams will play against one another once more, this time in a double elimination tournament, and then in a third round, where a team that has qualified for the previous round will face another team from their group in the knockout stage.

The loser of the previous match will be eliminated from the tournament and the winner will have an automatic chance of winning the tournament again, while another team in their group will be dropped to the quarterfinals.

If the loser of this last match wins the tournament on December 10, 2022, then they will qualify for 2018 World Cup 2019.

The second qualifying round will take place in February, 2019, in the semi-finals of the championship tournament, which would be played for the third and final spot in the finals of the World cup.

The best team from that semi-final will go on to the semifinals, where they will face the top team from each of the remaining two groups, and that team will be seeded to the finals.

In that second qualifying match, the winner of that semi final will face a team in a similar position to the last one.

That team will then have to face the next best team to qualify in the same semi-Final.

That match will then be played on February 23, 2019.

If this match is played, the team that beats the team they are matched against in the semifinal of the second qualifying stage will advance, while those teams that are in the semis will face teams that were eliminated in the third qualifying round.

After that, the semifinals and the final will have the two best teams of each group from the second stage of competition meet