The term documentary is used to describe a documentary that is intended to be educational, entertaining, informative or educational in nature.

There are several different categories of documentaries that may be considered documentary.

A documentary that focuses on a subject, such as the history of a religion or an industry, is a documentary.

There may also be documentaries that present a story that is often very personal and not necessarily presented in a very scientific way.

A film that explores a scientific topic such as climate change, medicine, or the history or future of a specific technology is a film.

A video documentary is a short film that is usually made on an existing medium.

A short film may be made using a camera, computer, tablet, etc. and then distributed online.

A news documentary is one that is primarily about an issue or a subject.

It usually covers an issue that is important to the general public, or a specific subject.

An audio documentary is typically a documentary recorded in a small space.

It is usually an audio recording of a news report, or other documentary, but may also contain a video.

The term film also includes a documentary produced in a studio or by a video-production company, which is produced on a camera or other medium.