By Kate M. Cawley, CNN NewsCenter producerNew York City, New York (CNN) Theranas are a new form of theater.

They’re new to the city of New York, and they’re coming to New York for the first time in decades.

And the idea of “the theater” has caught on.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, who is also the first African-American mayor of the United States, has called them “the new theater.”

But if you’re a New Yorker, it’s a bit of a weird word.

It’s the word we’ve been using in the past to describe something that is a bit different.

That is, you don’t have to go to a movie theater to see movies, and if you have a seat, you can sit there and enjoy a movie without having to leave your home.

But what do we know about Theranos?

The show is an adaptation of the play “The Red-Headed Boy,” written by William Shakespeare.

It premiered at the Public Theater in May and quickly became one of the top-grossing plays in the United Kingdom.

But as Theranes got more attention and more fans, so did questions about how it could be staged in the city.

So, a few months ago, the city’s Department of Cultural Affairs and Cultural Affairs director and an official from the National Association of Theatre Owners came to the Public Theatre to meet with the team to answer some of the most pressing questions.

In New York there are a number of different theatres, each with different artistic styles.

But the Public was set up specifically to be the first theater in the City to use a new kind of staging called “theranas.”

This means that the entire building was turned into a theater.

Theatres in other cities, like Toronto, were set up to be more traditional.

The New York Theran aspires to be something that’s unique to New England.

We think it’s important that this theater is a unique piece of American history and to be a part of the city and part of New Yorkers, said Michael J. Biederman, the director of public policy for the National Theater Company.

Theranis aren’t just theater.

We’re also a community.

We want to see it in all the places that we are, so we can make it more accessible to everybody.

Theatres are open to the public, but we also have a policy that says that the theater is not permitted to be open for more than 30 minutes per day.

We have to make sure that we don’t lose the community and we don�t lose people to this kind of theatrical experience, said Andrew S. Greenstein, the executive director of the National Theatre Company.

So, what is the public going to get out of it?

It�s going to be about community.

And it�s about what this theater does.

We don�ve got a lot of theater in New York.

So we want to make it accessible and we want it to be exciting and we�re going to give it space for people to be engaged in this new way of living in New England, said Greenstein.

And it is important that people are able to see this theater, said John M. Hodge, the president of the New York Chamber of Commerce.

It�ll be exciting to have a theater that people can come in and see and say, �I’m here for the theater.

It is not the public square.

It isn�t a museum.

It has a story and it has meaning and it can be entertaining and we can all participate.

It can be an exciting and a meaningful way to get involved in a community and make connections and create a sense of community in this city.

In the days ahead, Theranahs are planning for more events, including a free performance of the song “A Little Help.”