Kurt Cobaining’s family is asking the director of the Nirvana film, Kurt’s brother Kurt, to see his documentary.

Kurt Cobain, who is recovering in a Los Angeles hospital, is being treated for pneumonia.

The family has been pressuring Kurt’s uncle, filmmaker David Geffen, to direct the documentary.

“We want to see it,” said Karen Cobain in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

“Kurt is in a really good place.

He’s on the cusp of his life.

He wants to be released.

He needs to get out of here.”

David Geffen declined to comment.

The Cobains’ daughter, Kristin, said she hopes the documentary will bring more attention to Cobains legacy.

“The whole idea is to get to the heart of what it was like to have the biggest influence in the history of music,” she told The Hollywood Press.

“I’m very proud of Kurt’s family.

I’m proud of the family.”

Cobains brother, Kurt, has been recovering at a Los Angles hospital since suffering a heart attack in a motorcycle crash in 1994.

His brother died in 2008 and his family sued him for wrongful death.

The film, called Kurt Cobans Legacy, is slated to begin shooting this summer in Los Angeles.

The documentary will focus on Kurt’s childhood and the family’s efforts to recover from his death.

“He never thought about going out,” David Geffens wife, Kim, told the Hollywood Reporter in a recent interview.

“He had his doubts, but he was determined.”

Kurt’s brother, David, told Rolling Stone he would have been happy to be in the documentary but is worried it will cause a distraction from the Cobains.

“I don’t want to be too emotional about this, but I can’t do anything to detract from the fact that we’re just going through our grief,” he said.

“We’re just trying to live a normal life.

We’re trying to do things like we did before.”

The Cobain family released a statement last week saying they appreciate the film will show their son “on a personal level.”

The documentary is scheduled to be shown on the National Geographic Channel at 10 p.m.

ET on July 30.