PETE SOUZA: The story of the late heavyweight boxer who was the subject of the Netflix documentary “Mike Tyson: The Biography,” which premiered on Netflix in late March.

In a phone interview, the director of the documentary, Jeffrey Epstein, explained that the movie was based on a book that Epstein wrote with the assistance of his mother, Debbie Epstein, a former Miss Universe who became a public figure in the wake of Tyson’s death in February.

“My mother and I were kind of hoping that people would take a look at this story, that maybe they would be inspired by this story and see the parallels that I was seeing with Mike,” Epstein said.

“And then, that would make a huge difference for us to go out and tell this story.”

Tyson’s story has been largely forgotten.

His last fight was in 1998, and it was over the age of 50.

That was also the last time the world saw a fight between Tyson and his then-fiancée, Candice Swanepoel.

Swanepoels, who died in 2013 at age 38, had already been in a relationship with Tyson when they were together at the time of his death.

Epstein’s documentary, “Mike and Candice,” is about the relationship between the two men.

It’s an important story to be told, Epstein said, because of the parallels between Tyson’s life and that of Candice.

Tyson was a fighter who was also a fighter, Epstein added.

He was a big fighter, a big-hitting, big-name fighter.

He had a great career.

And he died on the canvas, and that is where we see that story, he said.

Epstein added that the documentary will explore the parallels, the parallels with Tyson’s early career and the relationship that they shared after he retired from the ring.

The documentary will feature interviews with the fighters and other figures in the boxing community.

They will also look at how the Tyson/Swaneps relationship began and how it ended.

Epstein said that the filmmakers wanted to look at both sides of the story.

“We are really interested in how these relationships are connected to the sport and the community that we all love,” Epstein told ABC News.

“This is something that really, really speaks to what our community is about.

We want to make sure that we can understand what these relationships were and why they ended.”

Tigres was also involved in the documentary.

He said that he had some input into the film, though he was not the director.

“Tigris was a good friend of mine and he was a great producer and an excellent friend of ours,” Epstein added of Tigres.

“We talked about how he could have done something with this project, and Tigris was very excited to do it, and he gave us his blessing.

I think he’s really going to enjoy the story.”

Souza said that his goal was to tell the story from the perspective of an actor.

“He was very much a part of this,” Souza said.

The filmmakers have already found some of the fighters that they wanted to include in the film.

“There’s a lot of great fighters in the book,” Epstein explained.

“So we had to make it a little bit harder for the fighters to be in the movie.”

Epstein said that it’s important for the filmmakers to show that the Tyson family was in a difficult place in its early years.

“This is the story of a family that is very, very, proud of what they accomplished,” he said of the family’s success.

“That’s what they were about.

And we wanted to tell it from the heart.”