The world’s most expensive animal is a brand-new pet, and the first one is a black Labrador named Daisy. 

It is a first, a rare example of a puppy breed that has emerged from the shadows. 

The puppy, named Daisy, is a purebred and a cross between a Labrador retriever and a Doberman Pinscher. 

She weighs just two pounds, and her owners say she’s adorable. 

Darling, who lives in Germany, had the chance to meet Daisy when he visited her parents in the United States in October last year. 

“I was amazed,” he said.

“She was the most beautiful puppy I’ve ever seen. 

A lot of people were shocked, but I was really excited. 

I thought she would be a good companion.”

The first time I saw Daisy was at her adoption party in January. 

My husband and I were both in our early twenties and had just moved to the US, so we were travelling together. 

When we got back to Germany, Daisy was nowhere to be found, but my husband found a dog rescue group and called the dog shelter. 

As we waited for Daisy, she became more and more interested in him. 

Soon after we had her, Daisy’s parents took him for a walk in the park. 

He had a very special bond with Daisy.

We had a great time. 

They were so nice and so affectionate, he told me. 

We got a lot of calls and messages from people asking if we were sure that we were doing the right thing. 

One of them was from a friend, who asked, “Do you want to adopt Daisy?” 

Daughter: “I think I do.” 

My heart sank, but Daisy was very happy. 

In October last years, Daisy arrived at the rescue group with her owners in Hamburg, and she quickly became a favourite. 

Their first few days were spent trying to get her adopted, but she soon became an instant fan. 

Her adoptive parents told us she was such a cute little girl, but they were very worried about her safety. 

At first, we were very reluctant to adopt her. 

But the more time we spent with her, the more she grew in confidence. 

Daisy is the daughter of German couple Jochen and Gertrude. 

Jochen has worked as a teacher in Hamburg since 1998. 

His wife Gertri was a veterinarian in the region for more than a decade before moving to Germany in 2003. 

While she was a veterinary doctor, she worked with many dogs. 

Gertrüm started working as a dog trainer in Hamburg when she was 25 years old. 

Since then, she has trained many dogs including puppies, German Shepard and a Labrador named Sausage, who have all come from her own home. 

This is the third dog they have adopted. 

Our foster dog Daisy was the first, and they are happy with her.

Daisy is a very friendly dog. 

 We have three other dogs from Germany. 

All of them are very friendly and loving dogs.

She is also very affectionate with her owner. 

Sausage is a mix of German Shepard, a Dachshund and a German Shepherd. 

During the first two months of Daisy’s life, she didn’t have any other owners. 

There were a few times where we were worried about Daisy, but we were able to make her feel comfortable. 

So far, she’s made an impression on Daisy.

I think she will be a very good companion. 

You can see the difference when Daisy interacts with her mother. 

Each time I would see Daisy, my heart would sink, because Daisy was so different. 

However, Daisy has grown up to be a great dog and is now very loyal to her owner and family. 

What about the puppy Daisy? 

We are happy to have Daisy.

The puppies Daisy and her parents have adopted have been very loving. 

These dogs are wonderful companions for Daisy and we are happy that Daisy is now one of them. 

If Daisy and Daisy’s adoptive parents wanted to adopt another dog, they can do so. 

Please help us with Daisy’s adoption. 

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