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Muscle Shoals, AL, is home to some of the most infamous convicted sex offenders in America, including one notorious convicted pedophile and an infamous convicted child rapist.

A recent documentary called Muscle Shoals: The Case Against Bill Clinton by filmmaker Alex Epstein, which features interviews with local officials, judges, and politicians, was one of several films screened at the Birmingham Film Festival in August, along with a documentary by the same name. 

The film’s producers say they hoped to make the documentary about the man, Bill Clinton, who has served nearly 20 years in prison for raping children in the 1960s. 

“The film was designed to bring attention to the Clintons and the Clintons’ legacy,” the film’s director, Joe DiBenedetto, told Ars. 

Clinton is depicted in the film as a sex offender, and as the film continues, the man is shown to be a convicted sex abuser. 

Bill Clinton is depicted as a convicted pedophil. 

In addition to his crimes, Bill has also been accused of a series of violent crimes, including kidnapping, raping a woman, and attacking a man with a hammer in 1992.

In 1996, he was sentenced to 18 months in prison. 

DiBenedette explained that the film was produced in response to the accusations of sexual misconduct against the former president.

“Bill Clinton has a reputation for having sexual predilections, for engaging in inappropriate behavior, for lying, and for being a serial abuser,” he said. 

After the release of Epstein’s documentary, the filmmakers contacted local officials to ask if they wanted to film the event, and they received a strong response.

“We did not want to do anything that would hurt Bill Clinton’s reputation,” one of the people involved told the filmmakers. 

However, they were told by the local prosecutor’s office that they would be required to “protect the privacy of the public” if they were to film Bill Clinton in public. 

That was the last straw, DiBens­tetto said.

“The fact that the county was concerned about what we were going to do with the Clintons should not have come as a surprise.

We were trying to get an interview with the governor at the time, and we were told that if we did that we would be subject to prosecution. 

I said, ‘Well, then you have to comply with our requests.'” 

The filmmakers contacted Bill Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta, who forwarded them an email from the Alabama Attorney General, who was concerned that the documentary was being produced without proper permits. 

“[Bill Clinton’s] name has come up a lot over the years,” Podesta wrote.

“It’s not something we can ignore.

We have to do something about it.” 

Podesta said the campaign was looking into the issue. 

While Bill Clinton is shown in the documentary as being a convicted child abuser, the director also noted that Bill Clinton has been involved in a number of more recent scandals, including having a relationship with a prostitute and having sex with a child. 

During an interview for the film, Di­Benedete said the documentary’s producers had been contacted by local officials who wanted to “make a statement about how the Clintons are not welcome in Alabama,” and that they were looking into “whether or not they should be allowed to film them.” 

Bill’s supporters are calling on the filmmakers to remove the footage, and to donate to the Clinton Foundation, which DiBerton has described as “a non-profit organization dedicated to helping people around the world.”