A recent article in the Toronto Star suggests the word “alien” is being used to describe non-human life in Canada.

The article, titled ‘Canada: Can you tell the Difference?’

, claims there is a shortage of human resources for studying and researching alien life in the country.

“There are fewer people to study alien life,” said the article, which has since been deleted from the Star’s website.

“Canadian scientists have struggled to find enough human resources to do research and study aliens.”

However, in the article there is no indication that the shortage is related to the shortage of qualified personnel to do so.

“The shortage of humans to do scientific research and conduct research has meant that researchers are increasingly reliant on technology, and less and less human resources are available,” the article reads.

The article continues: “As a result, Canadian scientists are increasingly relying on technology such as remote viewing, video surveillance and holographic technology to monitor alien life.”

It is not clear whether Canada’s lack of qualified scientists and engineers to conduct research on aliens is because they are not available, or whether it is simply a result of the fact that they are the least advanced countries in the world.

“It is possible to look up the term “alien”, which refers to a “foreign” species, on Wikipedia, but it does not provide a definition of “alien”.

The term is also not defined on the International Space Station, where astronauts use it to refer to species that have been observed in space.”

It’s just a word, not a definition. “

It is the same word used by astronauts.

It’s just a word, not a definition.

It doesn’t tell you what is or isn’t an alien.”

The article concludes with a quote from the author: “The lack of human research resources and the fact they are limited, means that the Canadian Government cannot effectively protect the planet from aliens.”

The Star’s article is one of several that have emerged in recent weeks claiming that the number of Canadian citizens believed to be aliens is far lower than the official numbers indicate.

According to the Office of the Chief Statistician, only 8.6 per cent of the population of Canada are said to be “suspected or actual aliens” according to the 2011 census.

However, according to a report released by the Office for National Statistics in 2016, the actual number of Canadians considered to be in a state of permanent or semi-permanent alienation is around 25 per cent.

A spokesperson for the Office Canada Secretariat told CBC News that the Office is currently assessing the validity of these claims and will be issuing an official response once it has done so.