Bob Lazer’s wife, Joan, was a former drug addict and drug-addicted mother of four who was murdered in 2006 in a house in the suburbs of New Jersey.

The murders have never been solved and there has never been an official report.

Now Joan Lazer, who now lives in Australia, is fighting for the truth.

“I just want to get the truth out.

I have a son and I want him to know that his father was murdered.

I know he was not there.

I don’t want him [Joan] to be ashamed.

I am very proud of him and the things he did.”

She’s my soulmate, my best friend, the most beautiful person I’ve ever known,” she said.”

And the truth is not going to change, and I’m determined to get that to the public.

“The murder of Joan Lazar was one of the darkest days in American history.

Her husband and sister, the father of their two children, had been locked up for two years over a drug offence and he was in prison for three years.

Joan had taken heroin and cocaine but was not taking her medications.

She was last seen on April 13, 2006, after she left her husband in the bedroom and ran outside.

She had taken a taxi to a nearby mall and went back inside when she noticed a group of men walking through the building.

The pair, who lived in the same house, had a dispute over who should pay for the drugs that had been bought.

The two men got into a fist fight and Joan was stabbed multiple times in the head, chest and abdomen.

Her body was found the next day.

Police later found a bloody knife in the apartment and Joan’s blood was found on the bed sheets and on the walls.

Bob Lazar, who was charged with her murder, was released from prison a year later.

He was serving life in prison without parole for killing a former colleague in 1992.

But Joan’s family have not been able to get closure and have taken legal action against Bob Lazers family.

A court was told that the family have asked the state to investigate the case further, and the family wants a coroner’s report into the murder.”

We have put our hopes and prayers in the justice system to get justice,” Joan’s sister, Teresa Lazer said.

The Lazars are suing the state for $3.5 million in damages and to make sure that Bob Laker is prosecuted and convicted for his crimes.”

There is no one who knows what happened in the house,” Teresa said.

She also wants Bob Lazor to be allowed to spend time with his children.”

It’s time for him to be able to put his family back together,” Teresa added.”

The state needs to look at the system, because if the state can’t do it, there is no way the family can get justice.””

The truth will always come out,” Teresa Lazar added.