In this new documentary by comedian and writer Roan Williams, a journalist for the BBC, he and his friend, journalist John Ritchie, discuss how they got into the sport of football.

The documentary also explores the history of racism in the game. 

It’s a fascinating look into the roots of football and a fascinating history of the sport itself.

It is the most watched documentary in the history… but what it says about the country.

The interview with John Rickey is the best thing about this documentary.

The Roan Willis documentary was made in the UK and Australia in 2013 and is currently streaming online. 

The documentary is also available as an audiobook in the US.

In the documentary, Ritchie tells Willliams about a moment in the early 1990s, when he and a colleague were filming an interview in the stands at a football match.

Ritchie was playing as a central defender.

He’s a long-legged player who has played at various positions in the modern game, but he’s not used to being on the left of the defence.

He asks Willliamson if he’d been on the right of the defensive line. 

“What do you mean you were on the wrong side?” 

Ritchie asks Williamson, “I’m a central midfielder.

I was the right-back.” 

Ricky then goes on to tell Willliamsen that the only reason he was there at the right position was because the team was playing at the bottom of the table.

“That was the only excuse I had to go and play,” Willliamso says.

This is where the documentary opens up about the history and history of football in the United Kingdom.

After Willliamsiad’s first season as a professional footballer, the documentary also includes footage of the BBC’s then-newscast in the 1990s. 

In the interview, the producer of the show explains why he was interested in interviewing Willliamss, who had just finished a stint on the BBC Broadcast Network. 

John Ritchie said he wanted to make a documentary about the sport. 

We asked a number of people for advice and what they said was the one thing that they were all really keen to hear was, “How do you feel about the fact that you’re doing this?” 

“There is a real understanding and appreciation of the culture of the game and of the history that we’re living in,” Ritchie told The Independent. 

 The story of the Roans is one that resonates with those of us who have grown up watching football on BBC2. 

Roan Willliamses documentary is a compelling look into football and the history of racism in football.

It’s a deep dive into the past and a look into what it means to be British and English, and the role of sports in the wider UK. 

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