Kobe Bryant’s documentary, “Collective,” is “a wonderful, wonderful thing,” says Kobe Bryant, who says it’s a “big deal” for him and his family.

The documentary, which is set to premiere Sunday on ESPN, will include footage of Kobe’s career, including his legendary playing days, as well as a candid interview with his mother.

In the documentary, Kobe will tell how he met his mother, Mary, and how he grew up.

His father, Kareem, died at the age of 37.

In a statement, Kobe said, “When I saw that video, it felt like I was a little bit of a superhero.

And then I thought, wow, I have to do this.

It feels like I’m making a difference in people’s lives.””

Collective” is the first documentary Kobe has made since he retired from the NBA in 2015.

Kobe’s new documentary is the result of a collaborative project between the filmmaker, actor and longtime friend of the family, the filmmaker’s brother, and ESPN producer Josh Levin.

Kobe is expected to appear in the documentary with his wife, Kendall, and their son, Kobe Jr. In addition to being a documentary, the documentary also features interviews with Bryant, Mary and their daughter, Kelsie, and a portrait of Bryant’s parents.

The film is scheduled to premiere on ESPN2 at 6 p.m.

PT on Sunday.