The best way to get a cat in your house, and keep it out of the way is to keep him away from alligators, according to a documentary about a man who used a fence and a chainsaw to keep a feral cat from eating his own cat.

Tiger Woods documentary: A cat, a gun, a fence, and a world title This documentary explains how a man became the most famous cat in the world by trapping and killing a feral and vicious cat that ate his own pet.

Tiger has been in the public eye for years after being captured by an Australian television crew in 2007, but his real-life story is not known, despite being featured on a national television show.

It is also unknown why the cat was so vicious, as well as how the man managed to get the cat away from the family’s two cats, a cat named Mimi and a cat called Shania.

But Tiger’s story became a popular topic after a film about Tiger, titled Tiger Woods: A Cat, a Gun, a Cage, and the World, premiered in 2019.

The documentary, narrated by Tiger Woods, is the story of how Tiger Woods became one of the most celebrated cat owners in the history of the world, and he has now become a household name thanks to a Netflix documentary.

Watch the documentary here: Read the full story on Fox News