The documentary documentary Heaven: JonBenét’s Story, which premiered on the Sundance Channel on Friday, details how JonBenets mother and grandmother raped and murdered the 14-year-old girl and details how the case came to be covered in a TV documentary.

The documentary, which follows the trial and aftermath of the case, will include the testimonies of more than 10 eyewitnesses, including those who witnessed the alleged rape and murder.

The documentary also includes the testimony of a psychologist who examined JonBenettes body and was able to identify some of the details that have never been revealed publicly.

The new documentary will air on the Showtime network in December.

The first episode of the documentary was made available in October and has been viewed more than 200 million times.

The docuseries will feature interviews with more than 20 former and current members of the Ramsey family and the Boulder County district attorney.

One of the most memorable moments from the documentary is when former police officer Mike Ramsey, who is not involved in the case but was present at the crime scene, says in the closing credits that the Ramseys “mother was a good mother.”