By: Nick Karp | Posted: June 23, 2018 04:09:47The video maker behind a viral video about the dangers of smoking pot and how to avoid it has taken the unusual step of releasing a documentary about the process.

In an exclusive interview with CNBC on Thursday, Mr. Shulman, founder of Weedmaps, the video and photography company, said that he decided to release his documentary because he believes it can help people who may not be aware of how dangerous pot is.

Mr. Shulsman, whose company was acquired by Weedmaps in 2015, said he wanted to share the truth about pot so that other users can make better decisions.

He said he started Weedmaps to help people quit smoking pot because he felt it was a gateway drug.

The company is the only company that tracks the sale of marijuana, Mr, Shulmen said.

He said the number of marijuana users in the U.S. has more than doubled since 2015.

“The amount of marijuana is skyrocketing and people don’t realize that,” Mr. Karp, the CNBC host, told CNBC.

“They think it’s just a weed, and it’s not.”

The documentary is called Weedmaps: A Weed Odyssey, and features interviews with Mr. Schulman and others, including former Colorado Gov.

John Hickenlooper, former Alaska Gov.

Sarah Palin, former Massachusetts Gov.

Deval Patrick and others.

Mr. Hicken, who is running for governor in 2018, said in a statement that he believes that people need to know that marijuana is bad for them.

“I think it should be illegal for anybody to smoke marijuana, but there are still a lot of people who want to use it recreationally,” he said.

Mr Schulmans interview with Mr Hicken was released last month, and Mr. Palin’s appearance was included in a video released by WeedMaps on Wednesday.

Mr Shulmans documentary is a blend of interviews and footage shot with a camera that is equipped with a GoPro camera that captures high-definition video and video chat with other users.

The film includes footage from a marijuana shop in Los Angeles and an outdoor marijuana grow in Oregon, and is part of a project that will focus on public education, he said in the interview.

“There are a lot more people who have been affected by the cannabis industry than anyone knows,” Mr Shulaman said.

“I wanted to try to tell that story, and hopefully educate people that it’s a very dangerous drug.”

Mr Shulsmans documentary, which will be shown on the Weedmaps website, was shot last summer in the Colorado town of Greeley.

It features interviews from people who were involved in the cannabis trade, including marijuana industry veterans like Mr. Schlomo and a group of former growers.

“What we’ve found is there’s a lot out there, but it’s really hard to get to the truth,” Mr Schulmann said.