A documentary about 9/10 conspiracies is opening in Australia.

It was originally broadcast in New Zealand in 2010.

The program, called The Truth, tells the story of the 9/12 event and the ensuing trial that followed.

The documentary tells the history of the conspiracy theories that were created by a group of New Zealanders to cover up 9/1 attacks.

In the documentary, a New Zealander named Tom Fennell says he was a conspiracy theorist in New York when he went to work on the New York City subway and saw a news report about 9:00 a.m. on Sept. 11, 2001.

He thought the attacks were an inside job, and said the news report was made up to distract people from the real truth about the attacks.

“We were so shocked that we thought it was a hoax and we were completely convinced that the government and the police were involved,” he said.

“We thought that if there were 9/7 attacks we were going to see the same thing.”

The documentary opens this week in Sydney, followed by other cities in the coming weeks.

The New Zealand government said the documentary is important in the investigation into the 9:1 attacks because it has the support of a number of people in New England, and the New Zealand film was selected for screening by the BBC in 2010 because of its strong connection to 9/9.

New Zealand Prime Minister John Key said in a statement that it is important for the truth to be told.

“This documentary will shed light on the reality of 9/6, and also the truth behind the conspiracy that led to the attacks of September 11,2001,” Key said.

“As a nation we should be proud to be part of this great and ongoing process of truth telling.”

Key said the government was committed to ensuring that all of its citizens have access to information, and that this includes the 9th amendment, which protects freedom of expression and the right to free speech.

“The truth will always be the first to come to mind when we talk about 9-11, and as such the 9-9 truth commission will not be an isolated event.

It is part of a national debate on the events that led up to September 11,” Key added.