Bully documentary airs in UK and Canada after US backlash, police report says http://t.co/Xg4Lw4g3Xu pic.twitter.com/n8d2V7gT8J — The Telegraph UK (@TelegraphUK) March 15, 2018  The BTS documentary about the bullying of children by a group of bullies at an elementary school in Singapore, which won an Oscar in 2016, was released in the UK and the US earlier this week.

It was met with criticism on social media after it aired on Channel 4 in the US, where it is currently available.

The documentary was based on a book by Australian journalist and activist Liz Mowbray, and the children in it are the same ones the BTS’ members bullied in their videos.

In a video, the Bts’ members discuss the bullying and why they don’t get what they are talking about.

They also say that the bullying they witnessed at the school in which they were bullied was not “normal”.

“The bullying of a school is not something that can be explained by an incident happening at a school,” they said in the video.

“It’s not something you’re born with, it’s something that has to be taught.

We need to educate ourselves, we need to be able to learn from it.

And that’s the whole point.”

The Bts also revealed in the book that their own bullying of their own children at school had taken place and they wanted the bullies to know it.

At the end of the film, one of the children, a young girl, asks the group why they continue to be bullies.

BTS members explain that the bullies are not really angry or out to hurt anyone.

 “It just makes us feel more comfortable.

And it makes us not feel so alone,” the girl says.

More:  BTS, “I Don’t Give a Fuck” star Liz Mows berserk after criticism over bullying documentary The video is directed by actress Elizabeth Holmes, and features the group singing, “BTS, I Don’tgiveafuck”, and then saying the word “fuck” repeatedly in English.

But the Bs’ members were not happy with the performance.

Some fans on social Media, including a man who identifies himself as ‘the best friend ever’, took to Twitter to express their disgust with the video, calling it a “bitch slap in the face to the kids” and a “smear campaign”.

The group’s response to the criticism was swift.

It responded on Twitter, saying: “We don’t care who’s criticising us, we know that if the children were bullied we would not have allowed it to happen.”

It also added: “If you are not going to be angry with us, why are you making us feel this way?

It’s your money, it makes you happy, you have power, and we don’t.”

Many people have also commented on the video and expressed their frustration at the Bt members for using the word ‘fuck’.

Many have tweeted that it was a “sickeningly insensitive” act, and one fan wrote: “The Bt boys are so pathetic.

How can you say ‘fuck’ like that when they are trying to bully a kid in a classroom.

I hope the bullies have their own schools where the kids dont have to go to.”

Another Twitter user added: “Just to be clear, BTS is NOT a bullying group, the bully’s behaviour is completely normal and they are just trying to express themselves in an appropriate way, and thats exactly what we do when we are bullied.”

This article originally appeared on The Telegraph UK