The internet has gone from an essential platform to a toxic stew of abuse and hate, with a lot of people getting very angry at it.

As a result, a lot more people are looking for answers than they have been in years.

And they want to know what they can do to fix the mess they are in.

We decided to put together a short documentary that looks at what can be done to fix it.

What we found: The internet is a wonderful thing.

But it’s not perfect.

What we found to be a bit ironic: A lot of the things we want to fix, the things that we want people to fix are also things that have happened to us.

So, in the end, we hope that what we’ve learned will be useful for others as well.

If you’re going to get a lot out of this documentary, be sure to check out what we learned in the Making of the Lad podcast and watch it with your own eyes.

If not, you can watch it for free.