Niles, the dog in the documentary “Red Dog,” is a popular name for dogs in New Zealand.

When the dog was born, it was named Niles because of the red color of its coat.

The documentary, which was filmed at the Otago University Animal Centre, is an in-depth look at the life of a dog who’s a mix of white, red and blue.

It features interviews with dog owners, vets and vets from around the world and an examination of the canine breed.

Niles was named after a red dog from New Zealand that lives in the city of Otago.

The breed is named after its colour.

He is a mix between a white and red dog.

There are only five dogs in the world with the red skin color.

“We were able to capture a special breed of dog who represents a very special breed in our society and we thought, ‘Oh wow, it’s time for a documentary,’ ” Niles creator and actor Ben Whishaw said in a statement.

In the documentary, he also discusses his relationship with the dog and explains why he wanted to create a documentary about the breed.

“It’s really about how dogs are living in the real world,” he said.

“They’re just being a bit weird and sometimes they’re just weird in the wrong ways.”

I’ve got a really strong connection to Niles and to him.

He’s my friend, he’s my best friend, my best dog, he loves me.

“Niles is not a part of the “Red Dogs” franchise, but he does appear in the film.

Red Dogs is a collaboration between the filmmakers and New Zealand documentary producer, Andrew Knauss, who was recently named a New Zealand National Award finalist for his documentary “Dogtown.”

The filmmakers hope to release the film sometime this year.

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