By now, it’s been a decade since Nine Inches released its last album, The Downward Spiral.

The band’s live shows have faded into the background over the years, and the band’s catalog has become a largely forgotten relic.

However, when it comes to Nine Inche’s next release, the band says the studio album, To The Edge, is coming along nicely.

The band shared the news of To The Rise on Twitter on Friday morning.

The album is scheduled for release on October 22, and will mark the band for the very first time since 2004’s In the Flesh.

Nine Inches’ new album is called To The End, and it’s called a “classic.”

According to the band, To the End is “the album where the band finally made the bold move to release the whole thing in one place and in one single package.”

To The End will feature a massive, sprawling 12-song album, with a 12-track version of the band classic “In The Flesh.”

The record will also feature the original album versions of songs like “In the Light,” “The End,” and “The Long Road Home.”

In addition, the album will feature all-new versions of nine songs from the band debut album, In The Flesh.

Nine Inlets official Twitter account has posted several images of the album, which are very similar to the artwork from the album cover.