Parton and Turner both released films this year about the lives of the late sitcom star.

But Tina Turner was not one of them.

The “80s” sitcom’s cancellation is a reminder that while the late 1990s were a golden age of popular culture, it wasn’t always the golden age it is today.

The 1980s were the last time that the industry had such an established brand as MTV.

As it turned out, the 80s did not go down without a fight.

“MTV had a lot of problems,” says Turner’s daughter, Tina.

“They had the biggest ratings in history, but they didn’t have a lot to sell.

They were not doing a lot.

It was all about marketing.

The only reason I went to college was because I wanted to make movies.”

Tina Turner in ’80’s “Molly’s Game.”

“They were selling a lot less movies,” she says.

“You had a whole generation of kids growing up who had never seen a movie, who never saw an MTV show, who couldn’t get into the business.

And MTV was not going to let me make a movie because I was a woman, which was not OK.

MTV was going to stop me from making a movie.”

Turner’s first film, “Mollys Game,” won an Emmy for best sketch comedy series in 1980, and her second film, an adaptation of a play, “Lollipop,” won a Peabody award in 1981.

But she was not able to make “Mommie Dearest,” the movie she had been working on with her mother, Nancy Parton, about the life of her mom, who died in 1990.

Parton died in 2011 at the age of 84.

Turner did not want to make another movie.

“I’m not sure I want to do it anymore,” she tells The Hollywood Reporter.

“She’s been dead for 30 years.

I think about her and she’s always been a part of my life.

I just want to be able to talk about her.”

Tina, who was still a teenager when she took on the role of Tina Turner, says her mom had been “totally dedicated to me.”

She says her mother’s passion for making movies was not just for herself, but for her kids, as well.

“I want them to see my mom,” Tina says.

Partons son, Scott Parton (who played the late Turner in “Moody’s Game”), tells THR, “We want to tell the story of the first movie, ‘Molly.’

She was a wonderful woman who had an amazing life.

And then, to go into the world and be a part-time model and a part woman who’s so beloved by the public and is such a part and parcel of our family, that’s what’s important to us.”

Tina’s second film “Dinner With Tina,” which came out in 1981, received an Emmy nomination for best comedy series.

She also made a TV series about her life, “Dirty Girls.”

Parton says that part of her family’s legacy is the success of the show.

“We are grateful for Tina’s legacy because it’s made us a part in the public consciousness,” she said.

“It’s helped us to have a voice and a voice to be heard in a way that we couldn’t have had before.”

The “Denny’s Thanksgiving Day” special is set to air this year on ABC, while “Mozart in the Jungle” will air in 2016.

“My mom is still around, but I think she’ll be happy to see the end of the movie business,” Parton said in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter in 2011.

“So, hopefully, the last movie is a celebration of what she accomplished and how important she was to the culture of the time.”