Best Murder Documentary of 2017: #1: The Killing Edge, Netflix | #2: The Night We Met, Netflix, Directed by John Carney, USA Network, 2017 | #3: The Girl in the Red Dress, Netflix (UK) | #4: The Boy Who Loved Me, Netflix(UK) The Killing Edge is the story of the 2011 killing of two men at the hands of a man who later committed suicide.

In 2017, Netflix released a new film entitled The Girl In The Red Dress which explores the events surrounding the killing and the aftermath of the crime.

The Girl With The Red Eyes is an examination of the relationship between the two men and the subsequent prosecution of the killers.

The Boy With The Pink Eyes is a film about the aftermath and the search for the killer, the police, and a community at large.

The Best Murder documentary will feature a look into the history of the two murders and will feature exclusive interviews with the victims, their families, friends, and others involved in the investigation.

In 2018, Netflix will release the documentary, The Night That Changed My Life.

The Night That Change My Life will explore the trials, trials, and tribulations of a woman who became a symbol of resistance and a symbol for all those who have stood up against the oppression of a malevolent power.

The film will also examine the aftermaths of the murder, as well as how those around the victims continue to struggle with the aftermath.

The documentary will be produced by and will be executive produced by David A. Cohen, who has previously worked on The Boy and The Girl with the Red Eyes and The Boy with the Pink Eyes.

It is a collaboration between Cohen and Mark Burnett, the producer of The Hunting Ground and The Killing Floor.

Netflix will premiere the documentary on October 17th at 8pm EST.