Brittany Murphy’s documentary, “The Britta Murphy Documentary,” debuted on HBO on Tuesday, but it was not until now that it’s been available for streaming on YouTube and Hulu.

On Wednesday, the documentary premiered on HBO in a preview of a future installment of the series.

The premiere episode of “The Brittany Murphy Documentaries” premiered on Sunday and included footage from Brittany Murphy, who has spent nearly two decades documenting the NFL draft, as well as interviews with the players and coaches involved in the process.

“The Brittanys documentary captures the life of a woman who is the face of the NFL,” HBO said in a statement on Wednesday.

“The film highlights the many challenges faced by a person who is a draft-eligible athlete, the sacrifices made by a team and the unique perspective and experience that comes with that.”

According to HBO, the premiere episode also included a discussion with former Giants quarterback Donovan McNabb, who said, “I think we all have the same dream.

We want to be in the NFL.

I want to play in the league.

We all have dreams.

I don’t know what it is.

It’s not something that we’ve been given.

We’ve just got to make the best of it.”

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