The Ultimate Space Documentaries List, which includes more than 100 films and documentaries, is a comprehensive list of the best space documentaries available.

The list includes nearly every space documentary ever made, including:The Search for Extraordinary Technologies: NASA’s search for a life-extension device for astronautsThe Search: A Space Odyssey that won the Academy Award for best movie in 1959The Search For Red Planet: An epic adventure through the Solar System’s oldest and most pristine satellite, EuropaThe Search of Titan: The discovery of the largest lander ever to land on the surface of TitanThe Search in Outer Space: The search for the first human being to visit the Moon and MarsThe Search on Mars: The first Mars rover mission to land and return to the Red PlanetThe Search to Mars: How humans will return to Earth in 2032The Searching for Extraterrestrial Intelligence: A documentary that tells the story of the search for extraterrestrial intelligenceThe Search and Rescue: The epic journey of the first American rescue helicopter to land a rescue helicopter on the MoonThe Search at the End of the World: The Search for Extragalactic LifeThe Search Through the Stars: The ultimate adventure of a search team on the hunt for extraterrestrialsThe Search Across Time: A journey through time and space to search for life on other planetsThe Search Forward: A Journey through time, space and time againThe Search Next Door: The journey to the end of EarthThe Search Out of Space: A thrilling journey across space to find a way homeThe Search from Earth to the Moon: The story of a man and his robot, the Apollo 17 missionThe Search Home: A story of how humans saved the world from the space stationThe Search Beyond Earth: The exploration of the universe and the search to find our place in it.