The new documentary “zac efreon” is out and it’s a wonderful, heartfelt look at the life of the founder of the Aboriginal-led organisation known as the Blackfeet Nation.

It’s a story of how a young boy’s life was changed forever by the harsh realities of life in the harsh environment of the South and then by the impact of the devastating oil spill in 2010.

“When the oil started flowing, the first thing that went through my mind was that I was going to die,” he says in the film.

“I was scared to death, and I knew I had to do something to save myself, but I knew if I just kept my head down, and listened to what was going on, I wouldn’t have a chance.”

After his death in an oil spill, the Blackfoot Nation was established in the 1990s and it has since become one of the largest and most powerful groups of Blackfeet people in the world.

Its founder, Randy Lee, was a young, white man who was working in oil exploration in Montana when he came across the Blackwater formation.

His father, an elder, had lived in the area, and Randy became the youngest person to ever be given a tribal title.

“He was very proud of his son,” says Randy.

“We are very proud to have him as our founder.”

For his family, Randy had the courage to take his son to see the Blackwaters for himself, and in 1996, he decided to start the Black Freesons.

Its a brave, courageous, and incredible group of people, and they will never give up their lives, says Randy Lee.

“They’ve been fighting for us, for our land, for their freedom,” he said.

In the film, we see the people that have become part of the Blackfreesons and the incredible impact that they have had in bringing this country together.

It also reveals that the Black freesons have been able to continue their own survival despite the challenges they have faced.

The film also tells the story of a young Blackfeet man who lost his parents to a car accident, and the struggles he faced in trying to get his own children to stay home.

“The Blackfreensons are doing their best,” says Mr Lee.

“And it’s not easy, but it’s been a tough fight.”

The Black Freemen are a force for good in the South, and for good reasons, says Mr Lea.

“This is a great way for the Black people to show the world that we are not forgotten,” he adds.

“There’s so much that we have achieved and we still have a lot to do.

I’m just proud to be a part of this, and proud to work with these great people.””zac efuron” premieres on Netflix in March.