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Welcome to DivxVine.com, your high quality video host. With DivxVine.com you can upload your videos for free, simply upload and view. You can either watch from DivxVine.com or use the line of code generated after uploading to embed to your website, forum or blog. Share with your high quality videos with friends and family today!

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FAQ - <b>DivxVine.com</b>


  • What is DivxVine.com?

    DivxVine.com is a free DivX video hosting provider, and it's mainly used by you the user to share files DivX video with friends and family. DivxVine.com is dedicated to hosting only DivX video files (.divx, .avi) they will remain on the server as long as your videos remain active.

  • Can I search for files other people uploaded?

    No, not everyone wishes to share the files they upload with everyone else. This way DivxVine.com can be used to share videos with anyone you choose to, as well as keep it for yourself as a backup or to download from anywhere in the world.

  • What kind of files arent allowed?

    The only restrictions are pornography, nudity, any kind offensive material and, of course copyrighted material. Please refer to our TOS for more info on DivxVine.com terms of service.

  • How can i delete a video I uploaded?

    To delete a video you uploaded you must use the Delete Link that was provided to you after the upload proccess.
    If you lost your removal code you can simply wait until the file expires so it will be automatically removed from our site.

  • I still have questions, what should I do?

    If you still have questions regarding our services don't hesitate to contact us using our contact form.

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