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Welcome to DivxVine.com, your high quality video host. With DivxVine.com you can upload your videos for free, simply upload and view. You can either watch from DivxVine.com or use the line of code generated after uploading to embed to your website, forum or blog. Share with your high quality videos with friends and family today!

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Video Hosting Packages

DivxVine.com offers free, premium and full dedicated video hosting solutions. Premium users can enjoy unlimited downloads and larger video uploads. Dedicated video hosting accounts are available for website that want to stream high quality videos directly from their websites, we take the fuss out of buying, setting up, securing and maintaining your video hosting server. We offer you an easy and secure way of presenting your audience with the quality video they deserve. Please contact us for more information on dedicated video hosting.

Feature-Overview Free Registered Premium
Max. number of files per upload 1 1 3
Max. size per upload 500 Mb 1000 Mb 3000 Mb
Max. size for uploads 500 Mb 1000 Mb 3000 Mb
Download verification Step - yes No
Download delay - 900 seconds Instant
Max. number of downloads 0 1 50
Advertisements Yes Yes No
Video lifetime if inactive (hasn't been viewed in # amount of days) 30 days 90 days 365 days
Max bandwidth per hour 1Gb 3Gb Unlimited
Max download speed 50K/s 50K/s 750K/s
Max bandwidth transfer per month - - -
Max video storage - - -


7 days $9.00

14 Days $15.00

30 Days $27.00


* Values subject to change, please contact us for full specifications and prices.


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