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Welcome to DivxVine.com, your high quality video host. With DivxVine.com you can upload your videos for free, simply upload and view. You can either watch from DivxVine.com or use the line of code generated after uploading to embed to your website, forum or blog. Share with your high quality videos with friends and family today!

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DivX Web Player Code Generator

This page will generate the code needed to embed a DivX Web Player to your web page, blog or forum. All you need is the link to the video file hosted on an *external source. You may also use the link generated at the bottom to watch your video directly on DivxVine.com

Enter URL to DivX or AVI Movie:
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If the video plays then Add It!

* Please make sure that when linking to an external website, you are following their terms of service policy as well as ours.

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